Group 1 Symposium

Ah the subject of love. What can really be said about love that hasn’t been said before by someone much older and well spoken than myself? There are so many types of love. Some loves, when you are in love it’s like walking around with something exposed, you are either liberated and feel the need to stretch this muscle that has been bound for so long; or you feel like you are walking around with an open wound. Like being sick, when every motion causes you pain and there isn’t a comfortable place on the world. When it’s good and you are being loved in return then there’s not much room in the rest of your life for anything else, just your love. You have to relearn everything you’ve ever done because it all seems like a memory from a different life. Love is like putting a filter over your eyes. When love is felt mutually it makes the edges less sharp and everything seems a little softer. When it is unrequited it is like being naked under a black veil making the world seem less friendly and exposing all your flaws.

Those are the two types of love that I remember from my youth. Since then I have learned of more loves; The love felt when you are doing something you are passionate about; The love you feel watching something beautiful; The love you feel for yourself when you do something you know to be right, especially when the alternative is extremely alluring; The love of a quite moment to reflect and be with friends; The love of simple things like the wind in my face. There is love in the feel of how ones body can move, so fluid and controlled. There is the love of learning and knowledge which leads to the love of good conversation. There is the love of a hard days work and the reward of a comfortable night of pampering, though generally guys refer to pampering as “the game” and a beer.

Sometimes “…the world is filled with so much beauty, I feel like I can't take it…” to quote American Beauty. Really though I think it is said best in Moulin Rouge in the song “The Elephant Love Medley” The opening lyrics are: “Love is like oxygen/Love is a many splendid thing/Love lifts us up where we belong/All you need is love!” In my opinion that’s true. Even the love that hurts is still so glorious that there are stories of people dying for it, or like Echo, perpetuated because of it.

Those are just a few of a plethora of loves though. There is also familial love: The love of a parent, grandparent, sibling or child. The love of a neighbor even when you aren’t very close to them. The love of a stranger who shows kindness when there is need, maybe not even to or for  you but just seeing it happen can earn them that love.

Like I said before, there are all these loves that have been discussed before by people much more poetic than myself. They talk on all these loves and many more, with much more coherence and in much greater detail. Maybe talking about love is specious by nature. Like trying to describe the face of a sunset, you’d just have to be there.

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