Woo Hoo!

So, when Dr. Sexson spoke of the syllabus and term papers, who else felt their adrenaline begin to rush through their veins? I've loved every nanosecond I've been in class but I am still mortified that I need to come up with a term paper and that finals are on their way. I can feel the pressure on my shoulders like Atlas must feel the Earth. I am terrified in ways that the Greeks most assuredly had down. Perhaps Socrates pupils were adrenaline junkies? Students who were perpetually exercising their minds and conversing with this man who must have made each of them feel so blatantly confused with the world around them. Though perhaps it is more difficult for us as our accosting only happens once, at the end of a 5 month absorption of information and isn't a daily scrutinizing of actively and constantly practiced method.

I think I would prefer the 8 hour days everyday that Dr. Sexson was in favor of.

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