Venus and Adonis

My tale from Ovid was Venus and Adonis.
Adonis was born from his mother Myrrha who, pregnant with her fathers child, preyed to the gods to neither be a part of life or death. She was turned into a tree who cried the treasures of Myrrh. Adonis burst from her trunk at Venus's summoning. In an instant he ages from infancy to adulthood and is beautiful. Venus then fell in love with him by pricking her nipple on an unnoticed arrow of Cupid's. Venus begs him to not hunt, and not gamble with his life and her heart. Venus tells a parable of Atalanta and Hippomenes and their lost love. Venus then leaves and as Adonis is pondering the parable he finds and attempts to kill a boar, misses his killing blow and is nearly disemboweled by the boar. As Adonis lay dying Venus returns and, crying, turns him into a delicate, short lived, beautiful flower. The Windflower.

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