Venus and Adonis pt.2

Summoned from the womb of mother Myrrha

Bound neither to life or death as a tree

Pregnant with her own fathers child and

Eternally weeping treasured incense


Venus witnessed this transformation then

Summoning, called forth the babe Adonis

Burst from the barky trunk of his mother

Aging to his prime in a mere moment


His beauty was awesome and Venus, rapt

Carelessly pricked her nipple upon an

Arrow, that was presented by Cupid

Venus an Adonis thus fell in love


Venus, in her love begged him not to hunt

Not to kill and gamble his life for this

Her heart, his life simultaneously

Chancing to prove his masculinity

Through a parable Venus recants a

Tale of Atalanta and her love with

Hippomenes how their relationship

Was ended by the gods for ignorance


Venus leaves Adonis to think on this

And as he ponders he crosses a boar

Attempts to spear it and misses his mark

And the boar disembowels him for it


Adonis lay dying, Venus returns

And, crying, calls forth her godly magic

Like Persephone, saved a girl as mint

Adonis transformed into the Windflower


Thus, boys and girls, this here is a warning

Never take action before you complete

The deciphering of any riddle

Posed upon you by one who Cupid’s pricked

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