Just because.

So, I've grown very comfortable in this class. All that is past possesses the present and I would have liked to write a response to Katie Potter's blog "Narcissus, love, death, suffering... belief... in love.." I would have liked to answer from my perspective her questions about love. A lover and a beloved, dying for love, or like Echo, dying for unreturned love etc... I think yes."...yes, love is worth more than life... and to live a life forsaking love is not worth living at all." Thank you for the exact wording Katie! Personally I like to lead by example though and explaining my feelings through one sentence seems a little disingenuous. Thusly I would like to share something with all of you that I haven't shared in a long time. Five years ago under 2 different pen names I took a decent portion of my poetry and put in the internet and haven't touched it since then. For your reading pleasure Jade Silverwolf & Jet Pan Theravin's Poetry Website.

It's really not all that good but the quantity should get the point across about how I feel about love, right? If it doesn't, Ewan McGregor gets the point across very nicely here...

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