Dream and blog.

Well, I don't dream and remember it very often but last night I had a dream that was very vivid.

I was living in a relatively tropical border town and a friend of mine decided to go visit his girlfriend across the border. I went with him having never been across the border and was relatively comfortable and enjoying myself seeing that things weren't so different on the other side. My friend took us to a little food joint right on the beach where she worked and the next thing I remember since it is all fading now is some transition where we had to run down into this strange underground mall that could have been a converted parking garage. A bunch of us were trapped into a section of the strange strip mall that was curved like a J so that you were just not quite able to see the end that T intersected because of the bend. There was a gate drawn down at the end of that curve and at the end that T intersected there were some kind of evil, bad or misguided at least magicians that we were all supposed to be afraid of which for some reason I wasn't. I was stressed but not afraid. At this point in my mind I bounced between my dream self and a 3rd person perspective where I was watching the magicians and listening to their plots and argument. I really wish I could remember what was said because it was very neutral. Not that they were arguing about what to do with us but maybe how to do it, some semantics that was both entertaining for their bickering and a little unnerving for their complete lack of caring about our, the captives, fates.

Bah... It's completely faded now. Like trying to grip sand really hard... I'll update this if I remember more later.

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