Confused! Please help!

I was just curious if someone could clarify what all we need to have completed for Dr. Sexson by monday. I think it was a physical copy of a thesis statement for a Term Paper, some information about what we're going to do as our group Final and the 1 page on why An Imaginary Life is relevant to class which should be posted to our blog, right? Does anyone have an idea on how formal the 1 page essay needs to be? Title, name, class number, Works Cited etc... or just about a page of connect-the-dots reasoning for having it as an assigned reading?

Thanks for helping me get it clear! See you in class Monday!



  1. I wasn't there on Friday. What do we need to do in regards to the group thing? I'm in your group, do we even know what we are doing yet? Sorry I was gone Friday, hope I didn't miss something important for our group.

  2. ok.. by monday you're supposed to blog about 1 page on how the malouf book is related to our class, specifically how the past possesses the present and whatnot. its a pretty open assignment. also we're supposed to blog ideas we have for our paper, including a thesis statement if you have one. he also mentioned doing a blog on ovid's bio and the person of ovid if you havent done that yet.

  3. hey rio. yep, he wants a thesis and topic for the Term Paper.
    regarding the paper, I'm not sure how formal it needs to be; however, I'm going to write it just as I would for any other class . . . ie more of a formal approach w/ parenthetical citation and a thesis.. it usually helps keep me focused and prevent any overly philosophical rambling.
    Though i must say, he would most likely enjoy reading all types of papers, so I'd say his answer to your question would be, "be creative and don't give me what you think I want to hear".

    Hope that helps,
    jennie lynn