Be at peace!

I do not remember who's blog I was reading but it talked about the discomfort and disconcertion that came from the absolute snuffing of an original and idealized uniqueness of self. I feel that a small comfort blanket or safety net from that abyss of selflessness or void of the uncaring nihilistic anti-anthropocentricity (for lack of better wording) would be that it doesn't matter. Sure, we may be very small, relatively insignificant specks in the grand astronomical and temporal scheme of things but if you think about it, that's rather flattering! We are here. We do exist. We can make a difference. All that aside, we may not be the first people to think our thoughts or be in our situations. We may not even be the millionth considering the number of humans that exist currently and have before us, but, IT DOESN'T MATTER! All that really matters is that WE are experiencing it all. Your new experiences lead you back to the enlightened state that Plato believed we fell from. You forgot something and the more you learn for you the closer you will come to regaining your wings! I am currently "in veno veritas," and thusly completing both the required blogging and intoxication but here is my stream of consciousness: YOU should be living YOUR life for yourself. Not for mom and dad or social norms, noms, taboos or ideals but for YOUR beliefs. Other than Mike Myers, Jason and Freddie I have the faith in most people (especially the people in this class) to instinctually feel that something is right or wrong so long as they listen with their hearts and not with their ears. If you are anything like me you become enthusiastic, possessed by the gods, when you learn something that makes your mind reel. When you philosophize and chase that love of knowledge towards attainment, that can keep you IN LOVE! No matter how much you learn you can ALWAYS learn more. This is how you stay IN love and still agree with and abide by Diotima's laws of Love. You keep it fresh by always learning more and more about your partner. Or if you are a true philosopher, like Socrates, learning more and more about knowledge, epistemology and metempirical minimization! To quote Ezra Pound "make it new!" 

This is how a very very small thing can be warmed through, even with the knowledge of their insignificance. I feel a person can gain so much more if they pass through the phase of inconsequential triviality and accept before attempting to grasp at the higher levels of consciousness, knowledge, psyche and quiddity.

Damn I'm toasty.

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