Argument with an elder.

So I was thinking about class and about how I didn't really like getting into arguments on purpose because of how often arguments happen by themselves. I was hoping that eventually I would get into a circumstantial argument with an elder by the end of the semester just because it would happen. Thus far I haven't but I did just reconnect with my father after a 16 (or 8, explained below) year... disagreement. I flew down over break to see him on his 50th birthday. He didn't know I was coming and I had only seen 2 pictures of him in the last 16 years but we knew each other right away. We hugged and his wife (who actually set the whole thing up) took several pictures. I have a 7 year old sister now who is going to grow up to be a real knock-em-dead hottie in about 11 years. Unfortunately I'll be a little old to be roughing up her boyfriends. That bums me out.


The way it went as far as my father's recollection is that at 8 years old I told him that he didn't take good enough financial care of me and told him I didn't want to see him again until he could.

I don't remember that but he did disappear right around that time. We sort of kept in contact, very irregularly over the next few years until I was about 16 and he was "passing through" Montana. I had made plans to go to Helena with a friend and see around the capital. Having not really been there my whole life and not calling to give any advanced warning i decided to stick to my original plan. I told my irregular father this and that he would just have to deal since I didn't really even know him. That once he decided to come back into my life for real and not just because "Oh hey, my son lives in the town I'm about to travel through, maybe I should see if he's available," I would think about making time for him. Until then I wasn't going to be his pet to call at his leisure. That didn't go over so well. Being a long time ago I don't remember verbatim what we yelled at each other but I do remember that after I hung up on him my mom was the one to pick up the phone and continue where I left off when he called back.

Either way this was not either of our greatest moments in history. When we connected this last week neither of us seemed interested in breaching the subject. I would like to talk about it eventually, maybe, but for now it's VERY good that we're letting sleeping dogs lie.

I have been in an uncountable number of fights, arguments, confrontations, conflicts and just about any other names for collisions between individuals and that was the definitely in my top 3 most uncomfortable. The other two... I'll tell you next therapy session.

Hope you all had a great break and I'll see you Monday!

Oh, just so you know I'll post the full class audio for Monday on my blog so that anyone on an extended break can keep up!

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