Stolen truths.

At one point in my life I was very much so a little miscreant. I have done quite a few things that I'd say I wasn't proud of if it weren't for the fact that they made me into the person I am today... (Most people that say that seem to infer that that means they have stopped exercising in their self-improvement. I am pleased for the most part with myself as a person but I know that I have a vast amount of improvement that I can accomplish yet... ) I was an opportunist, stealing for me wasn't so much the "adrenaline rush" that most people talk about. For me it was about manipulating my environment and all the people involved, (and some who weren't) in order to gain access to something I was supposed to be denied. I never really lied about anything I stole because the thing itself wasn't important, I liked being empowered by the knowledge that I could make things disappear and then reappear as it seemed. It was my magic trick. So, I suppose in a way, I would lie about some of the things I stole, but I still never kept them. taking a dollar and tucking it somewhere inappropriate like in their parents coat, and then when I was noticed to be giggling in the corner, tell them that it had been me setting up the whole situation to watch the two's reactions to each other. Mom did you steal my dollar? They would say... Ha! If I was ever caught in the act of stealing something I generally hung my head and smiled to myself thinking, "yeah, I could have done that better." Generally if I could I liked to make situations that everyone could learn from. I learned somehow, very young that everything was not only situation dependent but also perspective dependent and personality dependent. If you could master the control over all three of these key things through complete understanding of them then you could manipulate an unfolding situation like Play-doh. This was a talent that I started using, upon reaching a certain age and maturity, to help people instead of simply messing with them. I started doing security at 16 for youth events, dances, parties, T.Y.D.E. parties, The Blue Iguana, The Glow, The Warehouse, and then HATCH Fest. I've worked in 4 bars, run several Porterhouse Production shows and worked with an escort service. After 8 years I have been in maybe a dozen incidents where I had to place my hands on a person because I couldn't manipulate them into leaving before they got violent. Preemptive action as opposed to reaction. If you can see events unfolding then you can stop them by inserting the smallest gestures.

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