I THE WIN! (hopefully)

Al-righty peoples! I've been trying for WEEKS now to get the audio from my recently (not exactly) Mac friendly pen onto this blog and I think I finally found a loophole! With any luck the audio will show up approximately 24 hours after I post them in the little chachi on the top right of my page. That way you can just listen to whatever you want and recap anything you're interested in. I will be posting funny clips, neat info, all around good blog... (favorite word coming up...) stuff. If I get the extra funds and time I may even post ALL of the audio from ALL of the classes into this little widget. That may or may not happen depending on the price tag for that much bandwidth and storage. I'll keep you up to date and HOPEFULLY be able to post some real blogs now that this little project is (yet again, HOPEFULLY) completed. As a friend of mine says "I the win!"

Ms. Katie Potter,
I've posted the audio for the entire class period today just so you don't miss anything. If it's easier I can email you the file. It plays in either Quicktime or iTunes

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