Groundhog Day

Ah, I finally remembered why I was drawn to this movie. It's a philosophical statement about inner peace through the release of the "need" of the empirical and the mundane. Giving in to the gentle movement of the river of life as opposed to thrashing violently against a current that is forcing you down a drain. That is, the failing attempts at holding on to something that people seem to think might fill the gaping hole at the center of their being, loneliness and isolation from the fellow human being dampening a spirit that is already or still wet behind the ears when it comes to a deeper connection than what is simply acceptable B.S. talk. Bus Stop talk. The little "how's the weather" stereotypical small chat. Meaningless mouth noises that we employ to fill the blank spaces that is silence. The intake of a breath seems nigh unto physically painful to some people. This movie reminds me that no matter how hectic life gets and how material a girl Madonna wants to be I don't have to get caught up in the manic rush to get somewhere that is the same place I am now but with some small accomplishment that won't even help me to fall asleep smiling. I can sit right here on my bed with the window open and think about life and the sound of the birds and watch how very mesmerizing and just how precious my cat can be without even leaving the room and fall asleep feeling much better and accomplished. All I have to do is just be. Contented is enough, I need no sports car that I can't drive in Montana anyway. I need no bling, no pumpin' system, no name brand threads. Groundhog Day reminds me that if I let go of the things that I think are important and take a good look at the things I really love and that are truly important I can be much happier. Then having skimmed the fat off the top and loosing the weight on my shoulders I will have the time to appreciate the things I learn and do with the oh-so precious time I have and utilize consciously, efficiently and respectfully to my hearts desires. To quote a very wise woman "Enough is as good as a feast." Thanks Marry Poppins!

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