The Greatest Moment in Musical History

The Greatest Moment in Musical History  by Rio J. Gonzalez

There is no noise, the raging blood pulsing through your veins is enough to keep you from hearing the static that is the screaming fans awaiting the first notes to be struck. You look around at the mass of people jumping and writhing..  Not writhing in agony, but rather writhing in ecstasy. There is so much energy that you are surprised that you cannot see little bolts of electricity arching the gaps between people. Enough energy to power the entire amphitheater.

Everything is in slow motion as you turn, looking through the crowd. There one black man and one white man standing next to each other like brothers, smiling and shirtless, sweating from the body heat. There, a woman nearly frozen mid-air, her hair splayed out like a halo around her as she falls like a feather back to the Earth. Another woman, this one in a  tie-dye shirt and skirt with hemp tied around her, unshod and kicking off the ground in a dizzying spin like an ice skater.

The audio kicks in like a wave crashing on shore as the collective crowd realizes that the performers are coming on stage. Everyone points towards stage and screams with unrestrained bliss as the guitarist raises his hand high into the air. the pick held masterfully between his middle finger and thumb glints in the brilliant floodlights. And for just a moment before his hand comes racing down. For one solitary instance, he makes eye contact with you and smiles.

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