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I loved both the Ode to Demeter and Ode to Hermes though I had a really hard time trying to fight past my brain hunting for iambic pentameter. I love poetry in general but am more accustomed to free verse or prose so I wanted very badly to get the beats correct in my head. It is fun for me as well to connect the words with the stories and wonder about the originations of each. The chicken and the egg sort of thing. Narcissus, being mistakable for a word I feel a strange attraction towards, I was only vaguely aware that it was a flower and until this reading of Ode to Demeter, was completely unaware that it was not spelled the same as narcissist. I always like discovering things like that, like affect and effect, that was a really fun one!

Ode to Demeter.
I was curious about how it seemed there was this possibility to cut several small moral stories from this larger story, such as the gifts Demeter was bestowing on the babe Demophoon and how the mother interrupts the goddess and the village is punished. It was as though her ignorance let all Deo's anger at the loss of her daughter fly on the village instead of on the gods. This moral could have been summed up as a farmers lesson that the seasons could change on you at any moment (especially in montana) and your livelihood and even your life could be forfeit due to a fruitless season of crops. Ah, to continue...

Ode to Hermes
This little sprite of a god made me giggle! The eye-batting innocence he blatantly overacted at his... trial I'll call it made me believe that the Monty Python crew must be infatuated with this story of Hermes.

Alright, too exhausted to go on... I'll continue the stream of consciousness progression tomorrow after I've been drugged and tugged... Wish me good luck on having a tooth removed after class... (and there was much rejoicing) "yay"...

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